"Danielle has made me fall in love with my practice. Her enthusiasm and knowledge takes you deeper, and creates a foundation to build on for a lifetime." 

Maggie Q, Los Angeles

"These (yoga) sessions are the treat of my life."
Esther Perel, NYC


"I have suffered from sciatica for years. After taking hundreds of yoga classes (and working with various instructors privately) over the years, Danielle is the only instructor who taught me how to move in ways that actually heal me. She has ended my dependency on pain killers. I am eternally grateful."

Allie, Los Angeles

Yoga is a learned skill. Let me build your confidence in your body and in yoga class.

Please get in touch directly (danielle.rosati@gmail.com) for information regarding private (individual or group) sessions at home, in the office or in the studio. I have a limited number of openings but I want to share the benefits of renovating your body with you.


Public Weekly Group Classes



Katonah Yoga, All Levels 10:00-11:30am

@ The Studio 302 Bowery & Houston, NYC



*Mats + props included and CLASSPASS is accepted at some classes. 


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Embracing Indian Summer: Preparations for an Abundant Autumn

When: September 26 2-5pm

Where: Katonah Yoga NYC

Exchange: $50

Call 212 255 2188

As the light turns golden and the scent of autumn piques the imagination, it is time to begin gathering resources, cooling down, and getting back to work. Learn how to employ Katonah Yoga methods to develop a personal practice that will rejuvenate you for autumn. Using precise geometry and structural alignment, discover how to unwind your fascia and allow the body to release long-held tension. Drawing from physics, sacred geometry, and Taoist thought, this high-energy exploration of invigorating yoga can help you refine your practice and elevate your energy just in time for fall.

Practice + Pranayama + Aromatherapy + Deep Relaxation

  • Identify where stress is stuck in your joints

  • Find greater alignment and balance

  • Experience more mobility and ease of motion

  • Catch your breath, flush your organs, renovate your body

Take home a self-care practice that empowers and potentiates you for the season ahead.



Danielle Rosati is a New York-based yoga instructor and health coach. Her love affair with yoga and healthy living began nine years ago in Southern California. Soon after receiving her formal training, Danielle met her current Katonah Yoga mentors Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin in her hometown in Westchester, New York. Drawing on Taoist principles, Katonah Yoga stresses aligning the body geometrically so that energy can flow freely through it. Danielle has helped usher the teachings and tenets of Katonah Yoga to several teachers, including the internationally renowned yoga instructor, Elena Brower, who calls Danielle “one of her favorite teachers”.

Using physical awareness to connect the body to the unconscious mind, Danielle uses a hands-on approach to help students bring awareness to alignment, spaciousness, and fluidity. With Danielle, you practice in a spirited and welcoming atmosphere.

In New York City, Danielle has a vigorous yoga practice. She has taught at  ABC Home’s Deepak HomeBase, the underground morning dance party - DAY BREAKER and retreats worldwide. She regularly teaches at Katonah Yoga Bowery, Sky Ting, Wall Street and to many private clients.